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May is National Stroke Awareness Month

According to the National Stroke Association, a person experiencing a stroke can be treated if people have acted FAST -

80% of strokes can also be prevented.

FAST is an acronym for things to check in a suspected stroke victim:

F - Face / Does the face droop on one side when the person smiles?

A - Arm / After raising both arms, does one of the arms drift downwards?

S - Speech /After repeating a simple phrase, does the persons speech sound slurred or strange?

T - Time / If any or all of the above are observed call for 9-1-1 (if in US or 999 in UK) and ask for medical assistance.

For more information visit National Stroke Association at

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We are one of the Key Presenters at the upcoming Assistive Technology Conference hosted by United Cerebral Palsy Detroit. More information can be found here.

Angel is excited to be presenting "Estate Planning 101" at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Rochester, Michigan for its "Senior Moments" group on May 17th.  

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